Household, Office and General Construction Junk Removal, Garbage and Waste Removal Services in Manhattan NY

Everyone has a lot of things to deal with and time only gives us limited boundaries to be able to search for the company that serves us the best services they can. This reason has paved way to our hopes of becoming the leading garbage and waste removal company in the Manhattan area and all over NY. More than anything else, we are a company that takes pride of its staff. Our reliable team is eager and courteous on your various needs when it comes to keeping your household, office and construction neat and organized. With professionalism at its finest, our team here at Des Vignes Enterprises is ready to provide you with top quality garbage and waste removal services.

all-junk-removal3With today’s busy schedules and hectic demands, finding the right junk removal company for your job can be a daunting task and the screening process can also be quite time consuming. Des Vignes Enterprises has a proven track record of excellence. Click on the “ABOUT” tab on the menu above to learn more about us.


Our Slogan is simply “We make junk disappear”.


Clearly locals in Manhattan Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas and not just NY area are preoccupied with tight schedules and long lists of to-dos. To help you keep moving, you can rest assured that by consulting our services we will be doing what we do best. In choosing Des Vignes Enterprises, you can be at ease with our services:

1.Household Junk Removal:

  • Appliances, furniture
  • Basement & Backyard Cleanout.

2.Office Junk Removal:

  • Computer, printer and monitor recycling.

3.General Construction Junk Removal:

  • Leaf, rubbish, garbage
  • Plaster, Sheetrock, Stone & Dirt
  • Roofing & Scrap Iron
  • Concrete

4.Interior Demolition Services:

  • Ceiling side walls
  • Flooring

We are proud to be a fully insured and licensed by NYC Business Integrity Commission No. 4169. Our company offers one of the best rates and services to offer in NY. Together with our competent staff, we know and understand your garbage and waste removal needs. Contact us today at 1-347-307-4536 or send an email to info@des-vignes.com to schedule an appointment.

Des Vignes Enterprises serves the following areas in NY:
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas