We are a full service garbage and junk removal company. We are fully insured and licensed by NYC Business Integrity Commission No. 4169 and have been in business for fifteen years. Our staff is professional and friendly and we take pride in being on-time and going beyond the call of duty. We’ll work within your schedule and budget while providing a very reliable and professional service. To schedule an appointment call us at 1-347-307-4536 or send an email to info@des-vignes.com.

all-junk-removal2We also provide an affordable interior demolition service for your ceiling, side wall and flooring demolition needs. We work very closely with you to find the best possible solutions to your demolition needs. We offer you years of experience in garbage and junk removal and interior demolition services.

As the demand for a reliable garbage and junk removal service peaks, as affordability and professionalism become more desirable in a sluggish economy, garbage and junk removal companies are compelled to meet the higher demands of a raised bar. Des Vignes Enterprises is meeting those demands and your satisfaction is our goal.